Address: Lungomare Costa Viola, 89015 Palmi RC
BASE CONTACT - Base Manager - Domenico Alecci +39 3284262678

VHF channel n. 68 at any time (in Italian and in English). VHF: emergency channel 16, basic channel
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38°23',37 N 15°51',66 E

+39 0966-479222

Roads and highways

• A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway. The city can be reached from the Palmi junction; • Highway 18 Tirrena Inferiore; • SP 27 Palmi - Seminara; • SP 32 Palmi - Taurianova.


The municipal territory is crossed by two railway lines: the Southern Tyrrhenian Battipaglia-Reggio Calabria Railway, managed by RFI SpA, and the Gioia Tauro-Palmi-Sinopoli Railway operated by the Calabria Railways. The city stations are the following: • Palmi station; • Taureana station, disused; • Palmi station (FC); • San Fantino Station (FC).

The port

The port of Taureana di Palmi is located in the western area of ​​the city. At the moment, the existing port works, are the breakwater pier built as a continuation of the existing pier, for a total length of 298 m oriented parallel to the isobaths and the coastline; the 235 m long breakwater pier which runs in the first section orthogonal to the coast and then develops parallel to the isobaths in a south-north direction, curving in the terminal section towards south-west-north-west. The inner port water surface is about 40,000 square meters with different depths: it has a draft of 5 m at the mouth and along the quays of the breakwater and 3.5 m in the section dedicated to hauling and launching boats (dock and slide) and along the remaining docks and then down to zero at the still unfinished beach. Dangers: perimeter fence partly torn off, lack of gates at the two main entrances, lack of port furnishings (overhead contact, corner guards and fenders, fire extinguishing system), shore quay to be built. Access time: continuous. Access: surf at slow motion with speed below 5 knots and pay maximum attention to the units being maneuvered. Headlights and lights: red flashing light, period 3 sec., Range 5M on the head of the breakwater pier; headlight with green flashes, period 3 sec., range 5M on the head of the breakwater; red light, 4M range on the head of the wharf brush. Sea bed: sandy. Backdrops: on the quay from 3.5 to 5 m. Prohibitions: to view the Order n ° 08/2009 article 6. Winds: IV quadrant Closest safe beams: Port of Gioia Tauro.

Palmi is one of the main tourist destinations in the Province of Reggio Calabria for the sea. The beach of Rovaglioso obtained, in 2013, the recognition by Legambiente as the most beautiful beach in Calabria and among the first 17 beaches in Italy. The beaches of Lido di Palmi, which attract many tourists, received in 2014 the assignment of 3 "sails" of the Blue Guide, also from Legambiente, placing the city in second place with Tropea in the southern Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria. In addition, Palmi is also a tourist destination for summer events organized within the Summer of Palmetto. As for the tourist infrastructures, in the city center there are some important hotel structures while in the maritime districts of Taureana and Lido di Palmi there are various hotels, beaches, restaurants and campsites.

Taureana beach is located north of the Palmi beach and is part of the municipality of the same name. This suggestive beach is located in the plateau of Taureana di Palmi which has very ancient origins as shown by some important archaeological finds. The beach is fronted by the rock of Ulivo and fits into the splendid setting of the Costa Viola.